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14 cool household tricks for which you need only food film


It turns out that food film is suitable not only to pack products into it. For example, using this uncomplicated material, you can ease the move to a new place, keep the kitchen clean and even get rid of annoying insects.

We checked the most interesting ways to use food film and decided to tell you about what you can really do with it. And at the end we will show tricks that we didn’t like (but we tried them anyway).

1. Turn an ordinary glass into a non-spill glass

If you do not have a glass with a lid, and you want to hedge against accidental spills of liquid, cover the container with cling film and insert into the middle of the tube. To keep the film tighter, you can wrap it around the edges with tape.

2. Prepare Poached Egg

Traditionally, poached egg is boiled by adding some vinegar to boiling water, creating a whirlpool in a saucepan and pouring an egg into it. However, even if all instructions are strictly followed, there is no guarantee that it will cook properly.

It is much easier to cook such a dish using food film: it is enough to pour an egg into it, tie the resulting bag and put it in water.

3. Open a can

If you can’t unscrew the stubborn cover, wrap it with cling film. Hands will cease to slide, and it will be much easier to open the can.

4. Protect the kitchen from splashes.

If you had to mix food with a mixer in an open cup, then you probably do not need to explain how dirty everything around becomes after that. But if you pre-wrap the cup with a film, this can be avoided.

5. Prevent paint from drying out.

If you take a break from working with paint, wrap the brush and a can with cling film. So on the paint does not appear dry film, and the brush does not stiffen.

You can get rid of annoying fruit flies by using an uncomplicated trap. To do this, put the sliced ​​fruit in a glass, cover the glass with film and make small holes.

Attracted by the sweet fruit smell, the midges will climb through the holes in the glass, but they will not be able to get out of there.

7. Beat off the meat and keep it clean.

Before beating the meat, cover it with cling film. So the separated fibers will not fly in different directions, and the table will remain clean.

8. Conveniently carry things.

Moving will be much more enjoyable if you do not first have to pull all the things out of the drawers and then fold them back. For this you can simply wrap the containers with cling filmand then things in them will remain in their places.

9. Protect makeup case

If you are going to take on the road liquid cosmetics, but worry that their packaging can leak, Before closing the tube, cover the opening with cling film. This will help protect creams and oils from leaking.

10. Eliminate blockage

With the help of cling film you can eliminate the clog of the toilet. To do this, wrap the surface with cling film and tape the edges with adhesive tape. Then pour out the water (the film should swell).

After that, you need to press on the film several times. Accumulated air beneath it will push the blockage into the sewer.

Bonus: hacks that we didn't like

Some advice from Internet users seemed strange to us, but we still tested them. As a result, they were either too funny, or not as effective as expected.

So, here is a list of hacks with cling film that we would not recommend.

1. Make a phone case

For example, people who are not used to parting with a phone, even in the bathroom, offer to protect it from moisture by wrapping with cling film.

But we personally do not want to put our technique at risk in order to use it a couple of extra minutes during a shower. In addition, if you wind the phone really tightly, then with its help you no longer listen to music and watch a movie: the sound will become weaker.

2. Faster weight loss

Also on the Internet you can often find the statement that if you wrap the skin with cling film before training or after applying an anti-cellulite agent, the weight will go away faster.

But such a weight loss is due only to the fact that the film will help you to sweat well and then you lose some amount of fluid. And we strongly doubt the long-term effect of this effect, because you still have to fill the moisture.

3. Go into the house without a shoe

Some people are advised to always keep a roll of film in the hallway in case you need to return to the room shod. In this case, the food film will not allow you to trample.

Despite the fact that the council is working, it is, firstly, inconvenient, and secondly, absurd: isn't it easier to take off your shoes than wrapping your legs around with a film?

4. Do not wash dishes

This hack is suitable only for those who have moved to a new level of laziness. You can wrap the plates with foil, and after eating remove the polyethylene with food residue. Then the dishes will remain clean.

It may be convenient, but it looks too strange. Yes, and a romantic dinner in such dishes is better not to serve.

Do you have your own secrets of using food film? Or maybe you have already tried some of our tips? Write about this, please, in the comments.