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Actual ideas on arrangement of Khrushchev, which will help to transform any small-sized


Despite the fact that most of us live in small-scale or Khrushchev cities - this is not a reason to despair. In the modern world of great opportunities and modern technologies, even a small living space can be brought into its proper form by making a couple of tens of square meters a real oasis of comfort, comfort and beauty.

1. Planning and creating comfortable conditions

Stylish design of a small apartment Khrushchev.

Combining the kitchen and living room is a good way to increase the usable area for a small apartment.

Apartment-Khrushchev modern style.

We create comfort in a small apartment, expanding the area by combining the premises.

Dining-living room in minimalism style.

Interior living room, combined with a bedroom in a loft style.

Wardrobe rack will help delimit the space.

Swing wall partition.

Sliding walls that slide from one end of the room to the other will help distinguish between day and night zones.

Thanks to the successful redevelopment you can get a spacious studio room.

Unfortunately, Khrushchev can not boast of an abundance of square meters, spacious rooms and wide corridors. But even in this situation, you can find a way out. It is enough to combine one of the rooms with a kitchen, making a stylish, cozy studio out of the room. Or choose a loft style, combining one of the rooms with a bedroom, dividing the space with a wardrobe-partition. This option is ideal for modern young families who can always not only spend time with friends while watching TV shows, but also prepare dinner, breakfast, lunch in a quite comfortable kitchen, gathering around the table with the whole family.

2. Children in Khrushchev

Modern children's room in Khrushchev.

Choose multifunctional furniture. This will help preserve the space and give the room a neat and modern look.

If the family has two children, it is best to use a modern bunk bed-wardrobe.

Pay special attention to the color palette, try to choose the most warm and light colors and shades.

Modern children's room in Khrushchev.

To create a cozy and comfortable environment - quite multifunctional furniture.

Stylish teen room in Khrushchev.

If there is a children's room in Khrushchev, then it is best not to touch it in terms of redevelopment. It is enough just to make cosmetic repairs, using the right tips. Designers recommend focusing on light walls and non-catchy multi-functional furniture. This will help save space and make the small room as comfortable and cozy as possible.

3. Color solution and decor

Light colors will help make a small apartment a little more.

Colored sofas will add bright accents to your interior.

Glass furniture optically will not clutter the room.

Transforming bed - the perfect solution for apartment Khrushchev.

Bright lighting will make your room more spacious.

Here, in order to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, both classic colors and shades, as well as a bold color solution in the form of bright accents on the details, be it furniture or another element of decor, are suitable.

4. Kitchen in Khrushchev

Light furniture will never be superfluous in a small kitchen. It helps to distract the eye from the compressed space.

Do not be afraid of large accent details. They just perfectly cope with their task - taking all the attention on themselves.

Kitchen made in orange color will create a great mood.

Classic kitchen in Khrushchev.

Focus on bright furniture.

Diluted in a muted pink color, giving the room a special charm.

Folding table - a great option for a small kitchen.

For those who decide not to combine the kitchen with the room, and leave it as it is, you should take note of a few tips:
1. Choose practical and multifunctional furniture;
2. Use the classic color palette, diluting the usual light colors and shades with bright elements;
3. Create maximum comfort and coziness with the help of small things in the form of modern coasters, boards, towels, cans.

5. Bathroom in Khrushchev

If the apartment has a toilet with a bathroom combined, then the toilet there is also mandatory. Such a bold decision - the perfect option for modern Khrushchev.

Stylish bathroom in Khrushchev.

The ideal modern solution for arranging a small bathroom.

Choose modern plumbing and furniture. This will help save space.

A small bathroom - perfectly fit into the bathroom.

A small shower is perfect for a small bathroom.

Unfortunately, the bathroom in Khrushchev can not boast of open spaces, but this is not a reason to despair. In the market of modern goods a lot of stylish solutions from mini-baths to small showers and overhead plumbing, which saves space.

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