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How to properly equip the bathroom: ideas for those who started repairs or decided to update the interior


The bathroom is the place where the body and the soul should be comfortable. To create comfort and get aesthetic pleasure, it is enough to use tips and ideas on the arrangement of this room, which later will not only please the eye, but also the soul.

And even if your bathroom is modest in square meters - it does not matter, in the arsenal is full of options, among which there is the most suitable for everyone.

1. Bathroom interior

Black and white bathroom.

Do not be afraid to choose chocolate colors and shades, they give the room a special charm, filling it with warmth.

Bright focus on details.

Modern bathroom interior.

Design a small bathroom.

If you started a repair from scratch, be sure to consider all the large and small nuances, ranging from walls, ceiling and floor, and ending with the choice of plumbing, towels and mirrors. Here, the main thing is to think over everything to the smallest detail so that it is as comfortable and cozy as possible whether it is a classic light color or bright accents in the form of some details. For those who decide to make cosmetic repairs, it is enough to refresh the walls, change the curtain and other accessories.

2. Lighting in the bathroom

Soft bathroom lighting.

Small white lamps in the bathroom near the sink.

Spot lighting in the bathroom creates a soft light.

Gentle glow from small lamps on the ceiling will create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Bottom lighting will add originality and uniqueness to your bathroom.

Use a dim light. Best soft, scattered, daytime. This will help create the most comfortable atmosphere. Choose spotlights or small chandeliers for the ceiling and various lamps for additional lighting near the mirror and washbasin.

3. Bathroom floor

Black floor tiles for the bathroom.

Modern white marbled tile.

Also for the decoration of the floor in the bathroom, a modern euro-board impregnated is suitable.

Matte floor tiles.

Modern wooden floor in the bathroom.

For finishing the floor is best to choose moisture-proof materials. It can be modern tile, Eurodoska, linoleum and any other durable, wear-resistant coating.

4. Walls in the bathroom

Classic white color - ideal for bathroom walls.

Bathroom. made in beige tones and shades.

We bring bright accents in the form of inserts.

In pink color. This bold decision will appeal to those. who always wants to stay in high spirits.

All shades of yellow and light green.

Bathroom, made in white and blue style.

It is best to choose tiles for wall decoration in the bathroom. The benefit in the modern market is a huge range of goods for any color and taste, from small to large, made in classic colors, and in trendy colors, as well as prints, flower motifs, mosaics.

5. Modern furniture and sanitary ware for the bathroom

Compact modern plumbing for the bathroom.

Such modern plumbing will ideally look even in a small bathroom.

Countertop shelf with sinks.

Cabinet with a pair of compact sinks.

Compact furniture and plumbing for a small bathroom.

Wooden shelf-cabinet for towels and bath accessories.

To save space, choose practical, multifunctional furniture. Small but roomy cabinets, shelves, towel racks, racks. In the case of plumbing focus on stylish, compact sinks, small baths, showers.

6. Bathroom decor

The decor is a modern bathroom.

Dilute the familiar atmosphere with a small pot of flowers.

Flower sprig - a great element of decor for the bathroom.

It is important to keep in mind the various trifles, from banal flask cans to candles.

We decorate the wall with large mirrors, illuminated by decorative lamps.

To create a cozy atmosphere will help pleasant things from banal towels and mirrors to candles, stones, shells, flower pots and other cute things.

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