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How to get rid of annoying everyday problems with atypical means that every home has


Surely most of us have heard that crushed aspirin is an excellent cleaning agent. Moreover, many housewives successfully use this method. But, in addition to aspirin, in the house there are still quite a few substances, such as cinnamon, wine vinegar, used tea bags, which can be found another use. It is difficult for an unprepared person to imagine. We will tell and show.

What do cinnamon, aluminum foil, zippers and baby oil have in common? These seemingly simple objects can solve many everyday problems. And we are not talking about their standard application. Learn 9 unusual ways to triple the benefits of common household items.

1. Coffee grounds

Sometimes it is useful to wash the hands of the coffee grounds.

Even used coffee grounds have a pronounced aroma. Her or unnecessary ground coffee can be used to remove unpleasant odors. Use this simple tool to restore your hands to a normal state after processing the fish, chopping onions or garlic. Coffee grounds are also useful in the fridge. Placing it in a plastic container with holes or another container, you can get rid of odors in a few hours.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is good not only for delicious pastries, but also to combat these annoying comrades.

In the house or in the country ants suddenly appeared? To get rid of them, no need to rush to the store for an expensive tool. It is enough to sprinkle cinnamon where they host, and its spicy smell will quickly disperse all unwanted guests.

3. Aluminum foil

Vinegar has as many as 6 unusual applications.

Apple or wine vinegar - a real gift for your home. With it, you can quickly remove any unpleasant odor. Simply place a glass or bowl of vinegar in a room that has been painted, and within an hour you can forget about the headache. Remove the smell of fish, onion and garlic for vinegar - just spit. With it, you can clean the cutting board or put your hands in order. To remove plaque from hard water or soap on chrome-plated surfaces, you need to put on them a cloth that is completely sprinkled with vinegar on top. This improvised lotion must be held for 5 minutes, then rinsed with water.

Vinegar also helps to quickly clean chrome. You can add shine not only to the kitchen sink or faucet.

Vinegar will make chic and your curls. To do this, rinse freshly washed hair with a solution of one tablespoon of vinegar, diluted in a glass of water. Pure vinegar will help to escape from itching after insect bites. A piece of fabric impregnated with it should be applied to the affected skin.

Vinegar will also help to get crisp bread on the bread is also very simple: you just need to lubricate the upper part of the homemade loaf before baking.

5. Aspirin

Aspirin - the best weapon in the fight against spots and mosquito bites.

Even the corrosive stains of sweat can get rid of in two accounts. It is enough to dissolve two crushed aspirin tablets in 100 ml of warm water. In the resulting composition, hold contaminated clothing for two to three hours.

It was like this.

But it will be as good as new.

An equally useful option for the use of the usual aspirin: the fight against itching. The crushed pill is diluted with a small amount of water and worn at the site of a mosquito bite - it acts in a matter of minutes!

6. Makeup Brushes

Now the dust will not hide.

In the arsenal of every girl there is a great many of them. And the replacement of one always comes another. But where to put the old makeup brush? Do not throw away. It is better to attach it to the squad of tools for cleaning. Makeup brush is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places: for example, between the keyboard keys.

7. Tea bags

Used tea bags have a lot of use options.

Even used tea bags should not be sent to the trash. They can come in handy as an air freshener. To do this, put a few pieces in a jar, which then put in the fridge or toilet. Now you can enjoy a pleasant aroma - bags will absorb all unpleasant odors. Charcoal performs a similar task. With its help it is easy to keep the air fresh and purified in the refrigerator and in the car.

Incredibly, tea bags save and in the treatment of suddenly occurring warts. Tea leaves contain tannic acid, which effectively fights skin unpleasantness. To quickly get rid of a wart, you need to apply a warm tea bag to it for 15 minutes three times a day. And also used brewing is an excellent organic fertilizer for your indoor plants.

8. Baby oil and wet wipes

Baby oil and the farm is useful.

Has a stainless steel sink lost its shining look? We take baby oil and fix this annoying misstep. Just a few drops on a soft clean cloth will help wipe off any stains on plumbing and kitchen appliances. But baby wipes will be an excellent alternative to special means for cleaning electronic devices.

9. Zip fastener

Lightning can provide a comfortable stay on the beach.

Have you ever lost your hotel room keys or cars in the sand by the sea? Alas, the majority in their lives faced such a problem. But every time you do not want to carry wallets or bags with you to the beach. There is a simple way out: with the help of an old zipper and a piece of unwanted fabric on the corner of a beach towel, you need to make a small pocket on the buckle. Now money, trifle, keys and even sunglasses will never be lost.