Useful ideas

Invalid errors in the interior, which speak about the bad taste of the owners


When people start repairs in their apartment, the process of rework is often preceded by a stream of ideas on how to arrange everything in a new way. In the course goes the Internet, the advice of friends and acquaintances, the experience of relatives and their own ideas.

But the results do not always justify expectations, or a “new” apartment often looks, on the contrary, something obsolete. And all because in the process of design development, these 16 blunders are committed.

1. Gypsum board waves on the ceiling

Multi-level plasterboard ceiling.

Once such a style was very fashionable, but those days have long gone into oblivion. Moreover, this design not only looks ridiculous, but also "eats" the height of the ceilings, which are already low in an average apartment. Therefore, if you want something new and unusual, it is better to get this idea out of your head.

2. Plates from an artificial stone

Artificial stone in the wall decoration.

The embodiment of such an idea on the walls of an apartment really looks unusual, but it is very difficult to fulfill it beautifully. And if you want something like this, then you need to use natural stone, because cheap artificial substitutes look ugly and outdated. And yet, in order not to miscalculate, for such work it is better to hire professionals who have a design skill.

3. Plasterboard openings

Figured doorways.

Plasterboard apertures are outdated just like the ceilings of similar material, and it all looks ridiculous and miserable. Especially awful such repair looks in small flats.

4. Rich curtains

Lambrequins in several tiers.

If you score in the search engine request for elite curtains, the pictures will give an abundance of luxury with intricate pickups and pelmets. And everything would be fine, but it is only allowed to embody such ideas in palaces, museums and theaters, but it’s better to immediately give up the idea of ​​transferring all this to an apartment with low ceilings and 40m2.

5. House waterfalls and fountains

Decorative waterfalls and fountains.

About 10 years ago, their presence at home was a sign of luxury and wealth, but times are inexorably ticking, and now such decorations are nothing more than a sign of bad taste and an echo of antiquity.


Arched openings.

For some reason, this form of doorways was very much loved by the older generation, before it was a kind of pattern that almost every apartment corresponded to. But now, planning repairs, as well as from the favorite granny sideboard, it is better to refuse arched openings.

7. Glitter

Glitter wallpaper.

Probably, there is nothing more dreadful than wallpaper, studded with rhinestones and sparkles. With all your strength, suppress the screaming crow inside you, which tempts you to acquire such a horror.

8. Using lining

Molded on the balcony.

A flurry of repairs with the decoration of the balcony clapboard fell on the beginning of the 00s, then almost all the balconies were decorated with this masterpiece. But in those days it was fashionable and modern, and now, when the market of finishing materials is replete with diversity, the use of lining shows your bad taste and pattern.

9. Decorative plaster

Walls in decorative plaster.

Contrary to all fashion trends, plaster is still an interesting and modern finishing material, only professionals should work with it. In the hands of amateurs plaster turns into an incomprehensible mess that can easily ruin the interior. Therefore, if you want to make repairs without attracting additional hands and talents, it is better to choose something simpler for decoration.

10.Metal plastic windows

White plastic window frames.

This element has long surprised no one, but when installing such windows you should take into account the peculiarity of the house as a whole. For example, white plastic windows are ridiculous and out of place on old houses, besides, they do not fit all the interiors.

11. Columns

Baroque in a modern interior.

Columns and other attributes of the direction of the Baroque perfectly fits into the atmosphere of museums and theaters, but the use of such luxury in the "Khrushchev" is better to forget.

12. Natural finish

Many, many stone and wood.

When the walls in the room are finished only with wood or stone, even if natural, this makes the room gloomy and there can be no talk of any attractiveness. Such materials may be used only for placing accents, nothing more.

13. Skies in the stars

Starry sky on the ceiling.

The starry sky is very beautiful and romantic, but not in the apartment. Especially terrible and unattractive it looks in combination with a multi-level plasterboard ceiling, which we talked about at the beginning of the article. The only place where such freedom can be tolerated is in the children's room.


Total and more.

The embodiment of this style in the interior is a difficult thing and is subject only to professionals. When the amateur is engaged in this, then in 99 cases out of 100 it turns out an absolute disgrace of "gouging". Therefore, if there is no opportunity to attract a professional, it is better to choose a simpler style.

15. Polish

Glossy surface.

Another thing to be very careful with. The gloss and mirror surfaces will come to the rescue in miniature apartments, where there is an urgent need to at least visually increase the space, but even here you need to use it in moderation so as not to kill comfort and refinement.