Useful ideas

Practical pieces of furniture that you immediately want to buy yourself


Many of us, unfortunately, are familiar with the problem of lack of square meters in apartments, when it is impossible to put all the desired furniture in one room.

In this case, you should pay attention to the transforming furniture.

This article collected so practical interior items that you immediately want to buy yourself.

1. Armchair

Armchair mattress.

A large, soft, comfortable chair that easily turns into a mattress and can be used as an extra bed.

2. Dryer

Folding dryer.

An ergonomic tumble dryer allows you to solve the problem with wet laundry, even in the most modest space.

3. Ironing mat

Magnetic ironing mat.

Magnetic ironing mat, which can cover any hard surface, turning it into an ironing board. It should be noted that the mat is quite dense, does not go and will be a great solution for a very small apartment.

4. Dining set

A table and two chairs.

The original set, consisting of a small table and two chairs, which are connected, forming a single whole.

5. A table with a secret

Coffee table and ottomans.

A low coffee table with four puffs will perfectly fit into the interior of a small living room.

6. Multifunctional table

Multifunctional table with poufs.

Compact multifunctional table with a removable lid that can be used as a tray and two cushions.

7. Transforming bed

A bed that turns into a dinette.

An ingenious bed that folds and transforms into a comfortable dinette with a table, sofa, and several poufs.

8. A table with a shelf

Narrow table with a shelf-stool.

A narrow table of light wood with a shelf, which can also serve as a high chair.

9. Outdoor kit

Garden set.

A unique garden set that can transform into a variety of sets of garden furniture.

10. Modular mat

Multifunctional modular rug.

Large modular rug that can replace a good half of the furniture necessary for life.

11. Chair-hanger

Chairs hangers.

Simple chairs that when folded can be used as hangers for clothes.

12. Shoes stand

Stand for footwear.

Ergonomic wavy stand for shoes that can hold a huge amount of shoes and clear the floor in the hallway.

13. Folding table and bench

Lifting dining set.

A massive table and bench with a lifting mechanism that allows them to be attached to any empty wall and becomes almost invisible.

14. Transforming bed

Bed sofa.

A bed with a lifting mechanism that easily turns it into a small sofa is the perfect solution for a small one-room apartment.

15. Sofa and armchairs

Modern furniture set.

Elegant modern furniture set, which consists of a sofa and two low chairs. All these elements, if necessary, can be combined into one large full-fledged sofa.

16. Obelisk

Obelisk of the table and chairs.

Four comfortable chairs and a small coffee table that fold into one original obelisk.

17. Shelving

Original rack.

Awesome shelving with folding shelves, which can be used as needed.