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Scandinavian cuisine - beauty and authenticity


What could be better than a feeling of northern comfort and pleasant coolness right in your kitchen?

We are not talking about air temperature, but about one of the coolest designer trends in 2019 - the Scandinavian style.

The kitchen in the Scandinavian style, like a breeze, will bring to your home a feeling of peace and tranquility, and at the same time, it will envelop you with beauty every day for many more years.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen: three reasons for the popularity

Creating this style, modern designers drew inspiration from several northern European countries. Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland - the forefathers of the Scandinavian style. Let's find out what the designers were guided by when they decided to popularize it, and understand why the Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen is so successful?

  • Traction to environmental friendliness

Yes, eco designs are now in trend, nothing can be said. Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen supports the postulates about the eco-design of the house as well as possible. Wood, natural textures, moss decor is stylish, you can't do anything about it.

  • Versatility

We all know that the human soul often asks for change. So, the biggest plus of the Scandinavian style is also in the fact that it, in itself, is universal. Well, firstly, he is not inclined to bother as the Provence or Loft style kitchen can do. Secondly, if desired, the Scandinavian style can be converted to almost any other. To do this you need only paint, brushes and decorative elements.

  • Unusual situation

Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen, like no other, is able to fill your home with comfort and give a highlight to your kitchen. The snow-white base color for the Scandinavian style will also visually expand the space and make your kitchen more spacious.

The color of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style: choose the appropriate option

If the idea that the Scandinavian-style kitchen can only be white, has managed to creep into your head, do not rush to make hasty conclusions. White, of course, is basic in this style, but the presence of elements in other shades is not excluded, and is even welcomed.

Look at the photo:

See how many different shades can prevail in the interior? The main thing is that the color of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style was muted, not too elaborate and, preferably, natural. Leave poisonous shades for another occasion.

Well, we have considered bold color solutions, now let's go through the classics. The three main, prevailing textures and shades that should be present in Scandinavian cuisine are:

  • snow white
  • gray metallic or muted gray
  • all tones and textures of natural wood.

Let's take a closer look at these options!

White kitchen in the Scandinavian style: the best examples in the photo

The basic principle that can characterize the Scandinavian style in the interior is white. It symbolizes purity, northern coolness and a wonderfully refreshing atmosphere.

The visual increase in space is also due to the white color in the Scandinavian kitchen.

If your kitchen does not have enough daylight, choose white.

Naturally, the snow-white should be diluted with certain shades and decorative elements. In the Scandinavian style, it can be all the shades and textures of wood, as well as muted versions of purple, blue, green and yellow.

The white kitchen in the Scandinavian style is definitely a classic. If you are afraid to make a mistake or overtax the interior, refer to this option - you will not lose!

Gray Scandinavian style kitchen: a mix of wood and metal

Gray, as an element of contrast in the design of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style - is also a classic. Do not worry, in the context of style, gray will not look dull and dull.

Look at the photo:

Do not understand why, but the gray kitchen in the Scandinavian style, in such a color scheme, does not look sad and ordinary at all. See for yourself!

Gray in the Scandinavian kitchen can be expressed in metal, and the combination of metal and wood is a wonderful and stylish solution for the kitchen, as in this photo.

Yeah, the gray kitchen in the Scandinavian style is a completely unprecedented case when gray does not mean boring, and this is true. We hope you are convinced of this.

Wooden kitchen in the Scandinavian style: environmental friendliness above all!

When natural wood and white color come together in the same room, real magic happens! See how beautiful it looks:

Wooden kitchen is the best of Scandinavian style variations. We say even more - this is a real Scandinavian style in all its manifestations.

Natural wood cuts will saturate your home with the aromas of pine wood for a long time, and the surfaces of this material will last a very long time.

Plus the fact that the shades of the tree, you can choose whatever you want, respectively, your kitchen will not be like all the others. Like this option? Then go ahead!

Apron for the kitchen in the Scandinavian style: make a variety in your life

To everyone's joy, we want to inform you that the apron for the kitchen in the Scandinavian style is a highlight, with which you can neatly diversify the interior.

With all the monochrome inherent in the Scandinavian-style kitchen, an apron is a thing with which to experiment. Let's get a look:

  • Wooden kitchen apron:

  • Contrast, black version:

  • Monochrome white:

  • As well as a bright, eclectic version that will not leave indifferent lovers of bright elements:

Curtains in the kitchen in the Scandinavian style: suitable options in the photo

Often it is the curtains that complement the interior of the kitchen and without them can not do. Let's consider the appropriate options and decide what kind of curtains to hang in the kitchen in the Scandinavian style?

  • Roman curtains

Scandinavian style suggests restraint. Considering this, massive 18th century style curtains cannot hang in your kitchen, right? Roman blinds are the best option for this style. They are concise, easy to use and clean, and still wonderfully perform their immediate task - to protect windows from light and the eyes of neighbors.

Choose fabric options calm, muted tones, as in these photos.

  • Linen

If the Roman curtains do not like you, choose the standard fabric options in the floor. The best material for Scandinavian cuisine will be flax, it is natural, looks unpretentious and concise, and this is exactly what we need.

Scandinavian style cuisine is a stronghold of peace and a sign of good taste. Enjoy your interior, surround yourself with beauty and be happy!

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