Useful ideas

17 bright ideas that will help bring notes of the sea breeze into the house


In the summer you always want to be closer to the water. In today's review we present to your attention examples of decor and interior that will help you to feel close to the sea. Enjoy watching.

1. Straw decor

Sunny living room in tropical style.

Colorful living room with white and blue wallpaper, comfortable sofas coral color, surfboard, which has an aesthetic function and an abundance of straw decor.

2. Rope in the interior

Rope instead of rings for curtains.

A coarse rope instead of traditional rings for curtains is a simple technique that will allow you to completely change the look of the curtains and add some marine motifs to the interior.

3. Beach style

Summer decor stairs.

Straw mats on the steps of the stairs and a rough rope on the wall opposite to the railing will make the stairs not only safe, but also stylish.

4. Marina

Panel depicting the sea.

Wooden panel depicting the sea, which, if desired, you can do it yourself. Such a picture will be pleasing to the eye, warm the soul and remind of summer even in cold winter evenings.

5. Depth

Bright bedroom with a blue ceiling.

To bring a little marine motifs into the bedroom interior, simply paint the ceiling a deep blue color.

6. Hanger nautical style

Charming coat hooks.

Charming coat hooks in the form of beautiful shells and sea stars will remind you of the warm summer days and the upcoming holidays day after day.

7. Trophies

Bath in a nautical style.

The magnificent interior of the bathroom, decorated in turquoise and decorated with shells, starfish and coral.

8. Seafood

The mirror in the frame of shells.

Pebbles, shells, corals and small starfish are perfect for creating a unique frame for the bathroom mirror.

9. Attention to detail

Themed decor items in the bedroom.

A few nautical accessories and blue linens will help to significantly refresh the interior of the bedroom.

10. Map

Wall mural with a star map.

Dreamy wallpaper with a star map and fantasy ships on one of the walls of the room will make the interior fabulous and mysterious.

11. Themed paintings

Sea plots on the walls.

Compositions of paintings with images of marine subjects and, of course, bright textiles of all shades of blue are the simplest ideas for creating an interior in a maritime style.

12. Bright textiles

Juicy textiles in the interior.

Sand and all shades of blue - the main colors of the marine style. Use them to create your own coast within your apartment.

13. Beach dining

Dining room in yellow and blue tones.

Simple wooden furniture, painted in yellow and blue colors, looks bright and fresh in combination with sand-colored wallpaper.

14. Metamorphosis

Table decorated with shells.

A coffee table with a wonderful edging made of shells will always remind you of the seashore and summer adventures.

15. Thematic children

Children's room in a nautical style.

Use mesh, ropes and logs to turn a child’s room into a real ship.

16. Catch for curtains

Pickup for curtains in nautical style.

Marine style is picky about details. Charming grapples from flax and sea stars will be the final touch of the interior in a nautical style.

17. Private beach

Balcony in a beach style.

Making a beach-style balcony is a breeze, all you need is a deck chair, a beach umbrella and themed accessories.