Useful ideas

20 charming devices that will make staying in the kitchen brighter and more fun


One of the most boring places in the house is, of course, the kitchen. First of all, because the most unpleasant for a significant number of family members actions are associated with it - taking out the garbage and washing dishes. Correct the reputation of the kitchen, you can bring in it some interesting devices and decorative elements.

1. A set of cups

A set of cups in the form of a cactus.

Original green cups, which look great separately, and when folded, turn into a real desert cactus.

2. Ice cream maker

Homemade ice cream maker.

Awesome device for making delicious ice cream right in your kitchen. Such a gift will undoubtedly win the hearts of children, sweet teeth and all lovers of tasty and high-quality ice cream.

3. Tea Pot

Zavarnik in the form of a trailer.

A charming trailer teapot will be a key part of the tea ceremony.

4. Ice mold

Ice form in the form of a pea pod.

Down with the dullness and boredom! Decorate your summer cocktails with slices of ice that can be frozen in a bright silicone shape similar to a pea pod.

5. Rolling pin

Rolling pin with patterns.

Rolling pin, which will decorate the dough beautiful volumetric patterns. And homemade cookies, cakes and gingerbread with beautiful relief pictures will conquer the hearts of guests and households.

6. Lemonade

Dispenser with faucet.

Summer is the best time for lemonade, which perfectly refreshes and quenches thirst. And to prepare and store lemonade is very convenient in a special lemonade with tap.

7. Capacity for oil

Jar with roller applicator.

The convenient capacity for olive oil decorated with a wooden cover and the roller applicator.

8. Stand for knives

Stand for knives "Deadpool".

Funny stand for knives in the form of the character of the popular movie "Deadpool".

9. Silicone coasters

Coasters under spoons.

Keativnye silicone coasters for spoons, which will allow you to forget about the greasy stains on the working surfaces.

10. Dosing cap

Dispenser in the form of Aladin's magic lamp for vegetable oil.

Charming dispenser that allows you to pour just as much vegetable oil as you need.

11. Cutting board

Cutting board in the form of a piece of cheese.

Stylish cutting board for slicing cheese, equipped with storage space for a knife, spatula and fork.

12. Covers

Covers in the form of caps.

To open drinks do not lose their taste in the fridge, close the bottle with charming caps, hats.

13. Grill

Grill in the form of a pig.

Compact homemade grill in the form of a pig for cooking delicious delicious vegetables right on the dining table.

14. Mini container

Mini-container "Astronaut".

A nice container in the form of an astronaut will extend the shelf life of pieces of vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator.

15. Plate

Deep plate in the form of a boat.

The original deep plate in the form of a boat with wooden cutlery, oars.

16. Colander

Bowl colander.

Comfortable and fun bowl-colander for fruits and berries.

17. Skewers

Skewers for canapes.

Cute skewers in the form of flowers for canapes, which will be an original decoration of the festive table.

18. Molds

Molds for cookies.

Bright molds in the form of various fruits will allow you to effortlessly make original cookies or make beautiful decorations for homemade cakes and pies.

19. Corkscrew

Corkscrew in the form of a penguin.

Corkscrew in the form of a funny penguin, which will turn the process of opening wine into fun fun.

20. Clamps

Animalistic clips for bulk products.

Beautiful clips in the form of cute animals that will protect the packaging of cereals from dust and moisture.