Useful ideas

17 simple and at the same time brilliant ideas that will help to change the bored interior


Sometimes it happens that the interior of the house is very good, but he, in a word, bored. In this situation, there is nothing better than just to take and change the situation. The ideas collected in the new review will help in this. Certainly many of them can be implemented in your home in order to bring freshness and novelty into it!

1. Fastening curtains

Tapes instead of rings and clips.

Refresh the appearance of the window, and at the same time, and the entire interior of the room will help new custom fastening curtains. For example, satin ribbons instead of standard rings and clips will refresh the appearance of bored curtains and bring a touch of lightness and charm to the room.

2. Edging curtains

Charming edging.

Update the curtains without changing them, will help the original edging. Simply glue or sew a contrast tape with pom-poms along the edge of the curtain and watch how the appearance of the entire space changes.

3. Decor of the lamp

Original decor fixtures.

Refresh the look of boring lamp shades using ordinary drawings, marked with a black marker.

4. Transformation floor lamps

Decor fixtures with improvised materials.

To change the look of boring floor lamps and not to spend a penny is possible. Use a rough rope or dry branches to decorate the unsightly leg of a table or floor lamp.

5. Redesign of the sideboard

Transformation of the old sideboard.

A battered Soviet-style sideboard can hardly be called a luxury item; besides, such a piece of furniture does not fit into the modern interior at all. To correct the situation will allow full redesign of the sideboard. Painting, new accessories, decorative panels and open shelves instead of drawers will allow you to turn a relic of the past into a stylish mini-bar.

6. Additional shelf

Shelf for books and magazines.

Use the side facades of kitchen cabinets to store magazines, cookbooks and correspondence. The process of creating such a shelf does not require any special costs or special skills, and the result will save some free space and clean up the kitchen.

7. Door Decor

Fabric wallpaper.

You can decorate the door of the nursery with the help of fabric wallpaper of your own design. Implement this idea is not difficult. Just take a suitable piece of white cloth and paint it with plain pictures in the style of primitivism. Children can also be involved in this process. Glue the finished fabric to the door with corn starch glue. The advantage of this decor is that when the design gets bored, the wallpaper can be easily removed and replaced with new ones.

8. Bright rug

Rug decor

Transform a boring rug with a bright striped print, which can be created with masking tape and bright spray paint.

9. Photo Gallery

Original photo gallery.

Small photographs, hung on ribbons, clothespins, ropes or branches will be an original decoration of any wall and make the interior really cozy.

10. Bright hangers

Hangers decor.

Transform wooden hangers with colored tape or paper and glue. Bright hangers will be pleasing to the eye and uplifting whenever their owner looks into the eye, and will also be an excellent solution for an open wardrobe.

11. Moldings

Moldings on the walls.

Renew wallpaper and refresh the interior without the huge costs will help the usual foam moldings. Accuracy and a little imagination will allow to add an interior of refinement, change the shape of the room, hide the existing errors on the walls and completely update the already existing decoration.

12. Stairs

Bright risers.

Refresh the look of a shabby staircase will help simple painting of its risers. You can turn the steps into a bright rainbow, you can use the shades of one spectrum to create an ombre effect or just paint the steps in one tone.

13. Window decoration

Non-standard use of decorative brackets.

You can decorate windows without curtains with the help of two decorative shelf brackets. Such a non-standard solution will allow you to refresh and add sophistication to the appearance of the window.

14. Colored tassels

Decor cover.

The original edging and bright tassels of colored threads will be an original decoration of a boring bedspread on the bed.

15. Stand for sponges

Using the cake stand.

Waste cake stand can be used for beautifully storing soap, detergent and dish sponge. And to make the stand even more attractive, paint it in any desired color with the help of a can of spray paint.

16. The Miracles of Disguise

Charming curtains.

Hide the contents of open cabinets and shelves will help small curtains, made from unnecessary remnants of cloth. Such curtains will become not only practical detail, but also a charming decoration of the kitchen space.

17. Magnificent painting

Stencil drawings.

The walls of most apartments are now decorated with wallpaper that you can safely wash and paint. However, full painting still requires considerable costs and effort. Much easier, to refresh the design of old wallpaper with beautiful drawings on the walls with stencils and paint.