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Foods that should always be in the fridge: expert advice


Many of us are familiar with the situation when friends call at the last moment and say that they will call in soon. Most often in such cases, pizza and sushi to order, but what if you still decide to do something in a hurry? The famous gastronomic blogger and writer Kalle Bergman (author of Honestcooking) shared ideas that will help you organize food storage in the refrigerator in such a way that you can always cook something light and fast. It's not about rabbit fricassee or duck stewed in pots, but about everyday, but no less tasty food.

"A competently filled refrigerator is a sign that the person has really matured. I remember how, as a student, I came to my parents for the holidays and first emptied their refrigerator filled with every imaginable and unthinkable seasoning, then went to the freezer, where they kept stocks for a long winter, and at the end, having finished eating, rolled into the pantry, in which there would be enough food for the whole area in the event of an apocalypse. "

After a while, Calle Bergman realized that the ability to cook food from a small amount of food is an art. And made a list of what should always be in the fridge.

1. Basic products

Ironically, most base products can be stored not in the fridge. We are talking about flour, olive (or vegetable) and butter, salt, pepper, onion, lemon and garlic. These ingredients are used for cooking most often (we do not mention cereals, potatoes, and pasta, since they are not exactly related to the refrigerator). The stock of basic products and spices should always be complete, as it is inconvenient to run to the salt store while cooking.

2. Protein food

Eggs should be on every shopping list you make. Regardless of your budget, if you have eggs in the fridge, you can cook breakfast and pastries, subject to the availability of additional ingredients. Eggs contain protein that humans need, so by using them in cooking, you know for sure that you eat the necessary daily rate of protein.

3. The rule of three colors

A well-stocked box of fruits and vegetables in the fridge is essentially responsible for vitamins. Kalle believes that there should be vegetables and fruits of at least three colors in the fridge at any time.

Take in the grocery basket orange carrots, green lettuce and cucumbers, red tomatoes and yellow bananas. For example, I always keep fresh greens in the fridge: it saves any soup, stew or salad.

4. Know your habits

Each person has favorite simple dishes that he can cook quickly and easily. For me, it's chicken chops. All that is needed for them is chicken fillet, flour, two eggs, cream and spices. It takes about 20 minutes from displaying the ingredients on the table to the moment the finished dish is served, not more. If you need to accelerate, then save hot sandwiches: bread, ketchup, sausage and cheese. We put everything in the oven at the maximum temperature and - voila! - In 5 minutes you can treat your guests to a hot snack. Therefore, after analyzing your habits and skills, you can make your list of products that should always be available (for athletes - chicken breast, for meat-eaters - various clippings, for vegetarians - cereals, vegetables and spices for their preparation).

I know that if I have at least eggs in my fridge, then I can make a delicious breakfast. With lunch, too, there will be no problems as long as I have cheese and fresh greens (I can make both a salad and a cheese plate). And if in the freezer there is a piece of meat or fish, then my unexpected guests can count on a delicious soup. You must determine the favorite dishes and always have products for them, then the refrigerator will work for you!

5. Grains and Beans

Do not live on one protein, so do not forget about carbohydrates. If they are also correct, that's great.

At the beginning of each week, I check my stocks of rice, pasta, beans and cereals. You should always have something to garnish in addition to the main protein dish. And even if these stocks are not stored in the refrigerator, you should always keep an eye on them. Transparent banks to help you: and beautiful, and functional!

6. Fill the seasoning shelf

Kalle Bergman believes that there should be a lot of sauces, toppings and seasonings in the house, but they should not stand for many years on the top shelf of the refrigerator in the far row. Put your favorite jams and sauces in the door drawers to always see them. This will give you the opportunity to quickly add flavor to familiar dishes without interrupting the fridge!

The main products in the world are similar everywhere. National cuisine is determined by seasoning and cooking method.

7. Choice of drinks

It is always great when you can offer guests something besides tap water (here we, of course, exaggerate, but still). Teas and coffee, as a rule, are stored in the cabinets of the kitchen set, but in the fridge let it be what you like: homemade fruit drinks or compotes, lemonade, non-carbonated water. In many refrigerators there is a special shelf for storing bottles, in extreme cases, you can try to find a place for them in the door (note that the least cold reigns there).

8. Snack just in case

Sometimes there is absolutely no time to cook. Kalle Bergman advises to always keep in stock snacks that can slightly satisfy hunger: yogurt, glazed cheese curds, carrot sticks with hummus, cheese, a can of tuna. In combination with fresh fruits and vegetables that you always have, this set will be an excellent snack between main meals.

9. Organize storage

When all your foods are in the right place, it will be easier to see what you have, what you need, and what you would like to eat now. Store fruits and vegetables in separate bottom boxes, sauces, eggs and drinks on the side of the door; distribute shelves for their intended purpose: one for dairy products, the other for food in containers (remember that you should not put warm food in the fridge, let it cool ), the third - for the rest of the food (sweets and snacks).

Before you put something in the freezer, sign the date so that you can see how long you have been eating. Remember that you cannot keep fruits, salad vegetables, smoked fish, eggs and drinks in the freezer (unless you put them in for a short while to cool them).

Cook with pleasure! And may there always be order in your refrigerator.