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Accent wall in the bedroom - 30 ideas


Striving to create better living conditions and caring for your home is a noble occupation. People change and even begin to think differently when they get into a beautiful, warm, harmoniously decorated room. We wrote a lot about the bedrooms, choosing the style and color for them, or about the spectacular interior decoration, but as you know, this topic cannot be exhausted.

Today we will talk about how to create a stylish, spectacular or just an unusual accent of the whole interior with the help of one wall design in a bedroom.

Accent Wall Decoration Options

As a rule, the role of the "first violin" in the interior of the bedroom is assigned to the wall, to which the bed is pressed against the headboard. However, for decorating, you can choose any of the walls, for example, opposite from the bed, side, wall with a window or doorway. But about the most simple and spectacular ways to decorate the surface, to focus on it attention - tell the points.


Again we are talking about the wall behind the headboard of the sleeping bed, because this area forms a single whole with a bed, side tables or side tables, lamps and the headboard itself. It is quite logical to make this wall accent, and the easiest way is using bright patterned wallpapers. It will take a little time to glue one wall, but the positive effect will be obvious.

It is recommended to choose a wallpaper with a natural background color and colorful floral pattern (flowers can be graphic or consist of geometric shapes), - a universal option for a large number of interior styles.



The selected wall can be painted in a pure contrast color, but only it should be natural (herbal, cobalt, coral, honey), or neutral (white, gray, black), and the paint - matte.

After the surface is prepared, it will not be difficult to choose the decor: paintings in frames or on stretchers, posters, panels, busts and bas-reliefs, as well as, simply beautiful figured frames and mirrors.

Shades prevailing in decorative objects should cooperate with the background color of the wall and the tones used in the interior. If you spend a little more time choosing them, the result will be pleasantly surprised.


The headboard of the bed itself can make an accent wall if it is very tall, figured, decorated with a carriage fastener, capitols, encased in a carved frame, or upholstered in expensive fabric, leather or even fur.

Even the most beautiful headboard, if it is not practical, in many ways loses its charm, therefore, it is worth thinking carefully before using too intricate shape, embossed carving or material that can not be washed or cleaned often. Alternatively, you can use a mobile design (decorative screen, panels) or a removable cover with mounts to the base of the head of the bed.


It happens that the interior of the bedroom is made soundly, the color scheme is chosen correctly and, in general, the decor looks harmonious and complete, but something is missing. Perhaps the room is too homogeneous, and in the atmosphere there is clearly a need to somehow revive and diversify it.

We propose to use graphic drawings and motifs in the context of the color scheme of the bedroom. The wall can be distinguished with the help of unobtrusive squares, circles, geometric ornaments, as well as reproductions of engravings or painting fragments using shades in the interior of the room.

Sculptural light

A variety of lighting fixtures will help to draw attention to one or another wall; moreover, the more unusual a shape is chosen for them, the more original the entire surface of the accent wall looks. The main thing is to use more than two lamps near one of the walls, for example, together with wall sconces in the upper part of the wall, to place a pair of table lamps or floor lamps below eye level. You can use directional light and turn lamp shades in the right direction if necessary - this will allow you to disperse the streams of light more evenly, and create a light comfortable atmosphere.


This way of emphasizing the wall is more costly and time consuming, since it takes time, investment and creative approach. We are talking about decorating the surface with the help of such facing materials as wooden boards (parquet, beams, modular panels), ceramic tiles, decorative bricks, upholstery with natural fabric.

The choice of natural materials is not accidental, because in the interior of the bedroom on the wall they look original and sound, and the soft natural palette of shades of gray, caramel, wood, sand, brown calms, and gives a sense of security and closeness to nature.