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15 mistakes that we make in the living room design


When repairing, we focus on our own feelings, without knowing the basics of the design, so often the result does not live up to expectations.

We have collected the most common mistakes that are allowed during the design of the living room interior.

In your living room only overhead lighting

Lighting creates an atmosphere and should take into account your mood, so the living room can not do with a chandelier in the center of the room. Create your own lighting system (table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, etc.).

Missing or incorrect carpet size

Small carpets bring imbalance into the room; you should select the correct size carpet for your living room. Large carpet will provide a visual expansion of the space, and the interior will get a finished look.

Your TV is not in its place

The best place to put a television is an empty wall. Do not place the TV in front of or near a window, it is harmful to vision and makes it difficult to see the image clearly. The distance between the TV and the sofa depends on the screen size: the distance should be equal to 3-5 diagonals. Consider this when buying a new TV.

You underestimate the power of pillows

Cushions create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. When choosing pillows, consider whether the material on the texture to the upholstery of the sofa or chair. If the upholstered furniture in the living room is made of velvet or velor, then cotton or linen textiles will be inappropriate. For small-sized furniture neat and small products will do, and a massive sofa may contain several volume pillows.

Your sofa stands against the wall

This rule works for large rooms. If you have the opportunity to put a sofa not to the wall, then be sure to do it - thus you will visually increase the space and create coziness. A sofa near the wall in a spacious room is more like a dance class than a living room.

Your living room will become visually squat and cramped if you purchase dark-colored furniture. For a low living room fit compact sofas, armchairs and tidy tables, always on elevated legs. Make a choice in favor of neutral light shades.

You choose furniture based on design, not personal convenience.

Just because the furniture looks beautiful does not mean that it will suit your home. Make sure your furniture is comfortable for you, try it out. Sit in a chair or at a table that you liked. Otherwise, you will rarely use these things and have to part with them.

Furniture that has lost relevance

There is also a furniture fashion. Bulky upholstered furniture with volume backs and armrests has long lost its relevance. Pay attention to the furniture with straight lines and a clear silhouette. You can choose a traditional sofa, but in an unexpected and modern color.

Photos hang wrong

The ideal height is 153 cm from the floor level and to the center of the image. If you have too many photos, then a great solution would be a gallery on the wall, and not a photo frame placed in all corners.

Large furniture

The most common mistake is to make the room furniture that does not fit in size, especially for sofas. Because of this, the room seems even smaller. If you have a large living room, then you can afford a spacious corner sofa. For small living rooms, a double sofa and a pair of armchairs would be preferable.

You neglect the living room functionality

If you have a rectangular room, you can adjust it using a closet or a rack, since the square shape of the room is the most advantageous and in such a room it is easier to maintain balance.

Several options for zoning:

  • Living room and bedroom - the bedroom will always be closer to the window, since, by definition, the bed must be far away from the entrance.
  • Living room and kitchen - the placement of both zones is strictly according to your taste, although it is preferable to place the kitchen near the window so that the hostess is comfortable and light enough to cook.
  • The living room and the dining room are two full units, which should have enough space and space in the same room.
  • Living room and office - the office can occupy a very small corner, the main thing is to install an additional light source.

Unmarked room center

The living room needs a bright accent. The center can be a fireplace, a painting, a mirror, photo wallpapers - everything that the eye clings to. You can also make the rest area a focal point by highlighting it with contrasting colors, prints or blending complex tones.

Potted plants in small pots

It is better to put one tree in a big pot than many small plants on the windowsill. This way your space will appear larger and cozier.

Obsolete covers

Changing the covers, you can transform the entire room and make your design stylish and modern. You can also change the look of your living room according to your mood and season.

Following the same style

If you are particularly close to a certain type of interior and the other you do not allow, then your room loses comfort and becomes very patterned. Combine your favorite style with others: eclectic, retro, loft, grunge and many other design options will make your living room original, from which you do not want to leave.

Your curtains visually reduce the space

Such a minor trifle, like improperly hung curtains, can make your room visually smaller. It is very important to hang the curtains as high as possible and as wide as possible so that your ceilings appear high and the living room large. Choose curtains of a brighter and more saturated color than the rest of the textiles in the room.