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10 ways to keep flowers in a vase fresh for long


We so want to cut flowers to please the eye as long as possible.

And what a shame when they quickly lose all the beauty and attractiveness.

Let's understand what is the reason, and use proven ways to extend the life of bouquets.

Place the flowers in a large and clean container.

Always use a clean container to reduce the risk of bacteria and other microorganisms that may harm flowers. Choose a container with a wide neck, so as not to overpress the stems.

Put the flowers in hot water

Not boiling, of course. The temperature should be approximately 43-44 ºC. And put the container with flowers in a cool place for a couple of hours. Hot water molecules move faster through the stem, while flowers lose less moisture due to the cool air. Due to this, the life of the flower increases. This process is called "hardening".

Or in warm water, if you do not want to use "hardening"

If you do not use the previous method, then put a bouquet just in warm water or in water at room temperature. Cut flowers absorb warm water much better than cold. But flowers with bulbs should be stored in cold water.

Remove bottom leaves

To keep flowers fresh longer, remove all leaves that fall into the water in a vase. Underwater leaves start to rot very quickly, giving food to bacteria that can damage the rest of the plant.

Change the water

Change the water every day to keep your flowers fresh. Remove all debris from the tank before pouring fresh water. This will reduce the risk of infection.

Cut the stems at an angle

Do not forget to trim the tips of all the stems. Do this with a sharp knife at a 45 ° angle. So it will be easier for flowers to absorb moisture. It is advisable to do this immediately before immersing the stems in water.

And if we are talking about roses, then cut the stems and even better under water: the rose is extremely sensitive to air bubbles and bacteria that impede the absorption of moisture, which often leads to rapid wilt.

Use preservatives for flowers

They can both be purchased in the gardening department, and cook yourself. Thanks to preservatives, the flowers will stay fresh for a long time, as they get everything they need for life. In addition, the composition of preservatives contains biocides that prevent bacteria from spreading.

The universal recipe for preservative is a mixture of citrus soda and bleach. Add to water any carbonated drink in which sugar and acid are present.

Use 1 part soda to 3 parts water, then add a few drops of bleach (but not more!) To kill the harmful microorganisms. This mixture is much more effective than many preservatives that can be purchased in the store.

Keep flowers away from sun, heat and fruit.

Cut the flowers should not get direct sunlight, and you should not put them next to heat sources and in the immediate vicinity of a vase with fruit. The fact is that fruits emit ethylene - a gas that accelerates the loss of petals.

Get rid of wilted flowers as soon as possible.

Flowers that have already started to fade are best removed from the vase right away. Otherwise, the rest will start to wither along with them. This is again due to ethylene, which is isolated not only from fruits, but also from withered flowers.

Correctly arrange bouquets

Not all flowers calmly experience the neighborhood with others. Cut daffodils and hyacinths emit chemicals harmful to other colors, so they should be placed in a separate vase.

If the flower, despite all your efforts, still began to fade, hold it for a few minutes in warm water. This is the last chance to bring him back to life.