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Getting rid of flies in the apartment: prevention and popular methods


For many, the question of how to get rid of flies in the house, it becomes very acute, not tolerating delay. The dominance of these unpleasant, annoying and simply harmful insects can ruffle even the most patient host.

And if you remember how many dangers are in the apartment of flying insects, then any means - national or industrial - to combat them seem to be a real salvation for the whole family.

The housefly (lat. Musca domestica) is a synanthropic insect, that is, living next to humans, and in the wild it almost never occurs.

A very useful accessory for the destruction of single insects is a familiar fly swatter. If you are annoyed by its appearance - just choose it in a nice performance. Many manufacturers now come up with humor to make them.

If you are only sometimes annoyed by single flies - on the windowsill you can settle an unusual decoration, a predatory plant. But do not forget that these beautiful plants, for example, Venus flytrap, require careful care

What are dangerous at home flies

It is well known that flies are ideal carriers of various diseases. Flying into the house after the street, flies on their miniature legs can carry deadly diseases: typhoid, cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis and even anthrax. It is impossible to control flies in the house: having sat on the product once, the insect already spreads pathogenic bacteria on it.

Houseflies carry diseases, especially intestinal infections, as well as helminth eggs.

TIP! To fight insects should immediately, without waiting for their present domination. An incidental fly can cause a whole swarm to appear, which will be much more difficult to get rid of.

A recent invention, breaking sales records - a curtain with magnets for the doors of a private house

But not only the real danger scares people from these insects. Extremely annoying and unpleasant, flies of any size do not cause any other senses to the average man, except disgust and hostility. Flies, sitting on all available surfaces, buzzing with pleasure, flies spoiling the appearance of the dwelling by their presence, turning a cozy house or apartment into a hotbed of diseases.

Barrier means against adult flies in the summer for a private house are mandatory, but you should prevent their reproduction inside the house

Preventing flies as a way to control them

The question of how to get flies out of an apartment that is relevant for many is not the initial one. An important task for the homeowner should be the process of preventive control of these insects, because to prevent the problem is always much easier than to deal with its consequences. In order for flies not to become a real danger for households, you should follow some simple recommendations:

  • Cleanliness should be the basis of the household. Any unsanitary conditions - fertile soil not only for flies, but also for other equally unpleasant insects. All food waste should be thrown into a closed bin that should be emptied with the greatest frequency. Products should be stored only in closed containers or in a refrigerator. Regular dry and wet cleaning will help prevent unwanted "guests" from appearing.

Keeping the house clean is a guarantee that you will not have problems with insects and other parasites in the house.

TIP! In private households the cause for the appearance of flies and fertile ground for their breeding often becomes a livestock pen or a barn for chickens. Experts note that maintaining cleanliness in these rooms helps prevent the emergence and spread of insects.

Sinks in sinks and bathrooms are a fertile place for the larvae of flies, and for sanitary reasons they should be kept dry. This applies only to the bathrooms, which you rarely use - guest, for example. For the remaining plums, simply wipe the adjacent surfaces dry after use, so as not to leave water to insects and rodents.

Around the private house there are many places where flies can breed. Keep them clean and cleaned with special chemicals when necessary.

In the prevention of the appearance of insects at home, pay special attention to places where water can stagnate.

  • Protecting the room from external penetration can also be considered the prevention of the appearance of flies. Mandatory mosquito nets on the windows during the period of insect activity will help prevent them from entering the house.

Conventional mosquito nets, which you will be offered with the installation of any windows - the first and indispensable means of protection against insects

Mosquito nets come in various configurations for roof windows, English and other windows.

  • For a private house, it would be appropriate to use such grids not only on the windows, but also on the doorways. Insect nets and curtains are not very aesthetic, but rather effective.

For verandas and very large doorways it is practical to install sliding nets against insects

For private houses and apartments with balconies and terraces a door with a mosquito net is an excellent option.

Are you being annoyed by the non-aesthetic appearance of fly baits? Put them inside a large candlestick or wrought lantern and decorate with bright paper or plastic butterflies.

  • In order to protect the home, you can use insect repellent plants and herbs. Planted under the windows of the bird cherry, an elder or wormwood will be a reliable protection from randomly flying flies. And in the apartment for the prevention of the appearance of insects is often used for a long time familiar geranium or exotic flycatcher. Branches of wormwood and tomato, which are effective even in a dried form, have a similar effect: bouquets of such plants can become both protection for the room and its decoration.

Wormwood planted under the windows is a guarantee that the flies will leave you alone. They don't like her bitter smell

Folk means of dealing with flies

Of course, a modern city dweller, based on science in everything, will consider professional tools such as aerosols, powders, traps, exterminators, etc., as the best solution for dealing with flies. However, despite their popularity and effectiveness, many still trust long-familiar grandma's methods.

Flies can be successfully fought with natural products.

Folk remedies for flies have proven their effectiveness and continue to demonstrate a decent result. Among the most well-known methods of dealing with flies, the following should be noted:

Essential oils of lavender, mint, eucalyptus - a good means of flies repellent. Indoors, use them with aroma lamps.

To protect against insects, it is enough to leave the kitchen in a small vase with 15-20 clove buds. You can make a real flavor: stick 4-6 buds of cloves in a lemon half and leave this decoration on the table for the whole day.

Cloves (spice) and lemon (or lime) perfectly repel flies. Simply put them in the kitchen in an open vase

TIP! Essential oils of laurel and myrtle lubricate the door and window openings: it scares the flies, but for humans they are absolutely safe.

Apple cider vinegar attracts flies. Use it for traps

Kerosene and turpentine also scare away flies, but for a person in a small amount their smell is imperceptible. Experts advise adding some kerosene to water when washing floors and windows to create additional protection for the house.

The midges very easily choose the house and make nests in hard-to-reach places. Caulk the slots and handle such places with turpentine or kerosene (keep in mind that the latter is a very creeping substance)

The smell of onions is also unpleasant to flies. If the scale of the problem with flies is small, it is enough just to smear the door and window openings with onion juice


To make the defense more effective, traps are used. This method is considered to be one of the most reliable and effective, in part because the result is extremely visual. As traps, cans of sugar syrup are used, inside of which a cone or lid of a plastic bag with several openings is installed. This principle is used in most traps: insects get inside, driven by the sweet smell of sugar, and can not get out.

The usual form of a fly trap is a funnel tank, at the bottom of which is a liquid bait.

Stable, simple handy trap, made from glass bottle and funnel

Trap tapes are also considered to be quite an effective way, although for the home it is better to use homemade rather than professional products. To create such a trap, cardboard strips are covered with thick sugar syrup and suspended in places where insects are accumulated. Replace the products should be filled with sticking insects.

Somewhat more aesthetic alternative to ready-made trap ribbons - homemade ribbons with bait of very thick sugar syrup

Don't forget about the safety and convenience of your pets when you make fly traps or install doors with mosquito nets.

Poison for flies

It’s quite simple to make a poison for flies with your own hands, because recipes do not contain complex ingredients and special methods of preparation of the substance. Almost all recipes answer the question of how to get rid of flies in the house in the fall, but at other times of the year are quite effective.

  • 1 gram of saccharin is mixed with 10 grams of honey. The resulting composition is soaked napkin or newspaper. After drying, the paper is laid out on a window or in another place in the house, where there is a collection of flies, and is wetted with a small amount of water.
  • Milk (3 tablespoons) mixed with formalin (half a teaspoon) and soda (5 teaspoons). The resulting substance is poured into small containers, flavored with pieces of bread to attract insects and placed near windows and doors.
  • Paper impregnated with a mixture of milk and black pepper is also considered dangerous for insects. Wet traps are placed around the house in special containers. There is a variation of this recipe in which black pepper is mixed with sweet water.

Some predatory plants that can be kept at home catch small flies on their sticky leaves. In the photo - one of them, succulent Pinguicula gigantea

Fighting flies and other insects should be in the early stages after the discovery of the first unwanted guest. Professional methods of struggle are quite effective, but it is the folk methods of getting rid of flies that are considered safer for humans.

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