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15 ideas to help create a luxurious interior and not spend a fortune


When there is a need for repairs in the house, the owners start to clutch at the head and frantically calculate how much it will cost them. No need to despair.

You can always find "workarounds". In this material, we have collected 15 ideas that will help create a luxurious interior and not spend a fortune.

1. Brickwork

Imitation brickwork.

Brickwork is one of the most popular techniques in the field of interior design. However, its construction requires special skills and high costs. In addition, a similar finish option is not always acceptable in terms of city apartments. Fortunately, now there are a lot of alternative options that imitate natural brick. For example, sheet metal panels made of PVC or high-quality wallpaper with a voluminous pattern are perfect for interior decoration.

2. Newspapers

Unique wall decoration with newspapers.

Design repair will not do without large financial investments. Moreover, expenses will require not only the services of a designer, but also high-quality finishing materials. However, you can do without the high costs, using ordinary newspapers instead of expensive wallpapers. To create a design will need whole newspaper sheets. Pasting should be carried out in several stages. First you have to clean the walls of the old coating, eliminate the existing flaws and carefully pierce the surface. Further, for better adhesion of materials, the surface should be coated with a primer and apply a special glue. Attach the first sheet to the glue-covered wall, smoothing it gently. Each subsequent sheet should be overlapped. At the last stage, fasten the newspaper, covering the walls with protective varnish.

3. Transfiguration of cabinets

Budget transformation of cabinets.

Buying new cabinets will require serious expenses. But before you go to the store, try to work on your own old hands. A wide range of colors, decorative accessories and new pens will transform the bored facades beyond recognition and turn them into something unique.

Stencil to imitate tiles.

The construction of garden paths can be great to undermine the family budget. However, serious spending can be avoided by buying a special stencil. With it, you can create a similarity pavement tiles of ordinary concrete.

5. Fretwork

Ceiling outlet.

Fretwork is an indispensable attribute of an elegant interior. Only in order to acquire such, it is not required to be the owner of a luxurious mansion. Cheap foam sockets to transform a dull white ceiling. In addition, such parts can be partially covered with a golden spray paint.

6. Fake fireplace

Fake fireplace out of the box.

The presence of this fireplace at home can not boast of everyone. However, to build a fake fireplace under the force of anyone. To implement this idea, you will need one large or several small cardboard boxes. Of these, you need to build a frame of the future fireplace, holding the boxes together with an adhesive tape or stapler. The next stage is pasting the frame with newspapers. After that, the product should be thoroughly plastered, and then covered with paint or pasted over with wallpaper. The finished product can be placed in the living room, putting on the floor a few large candles.

7. Spila

Wall decoration sawn.

Wooden saws are a fashionable finishing material that can dilute the boring interior of a city apartment and get a truly unique piece. Get a fashionable finishing material at your own summer cottage. It is better to fasten the saw cuts on the surface that was pre-filled with a primer. The joints can be covered with decorative plaster, and then cover the wall with a layer of varnish.

8. Flower pot

Designer flower pot.

An exclusive flower pot can be easily made by hand. All you need is an aluminum bucket, plaster, an assembly grid and sea stones. To begin with, make several small holes in the bottom of the bucket and use a trowel to apply the plaster on the walls of the bucket. Wrap the prepared base with a mounting grid and start laying the stones. Fill the holes between the stones with grout mix. New flower pots can decorate your apartment or place them in the garden of a private house.

9. Candlestick

Decorative candlestick.

Ceiling lamps from an old chandelier can be used to create a beautiful candlestick, which will be a worthy decoration of the interior. In addition to the plafonds, you will need several wooden planks from which you should put together a kind of narrow box with round holes for plafonds. You can decorate the base of the candlestick with bright paint or beautiful paper.

10. Carpet

Bright fluffy rug.

It's amazing how many beautiful and unique things you can do with your own hands from quite affordable materials. For example, from ordinary threads you can make a bright and very soft rug that will decorate any space and become a spectacular decoration of the interior.

11. Vases

The decor of glass vases.

In the beautiful interior, every detail matters. In order not to go broke on designer jewelery, try to make them yourself. For example, buy the cheapest glass vases and paint them with bright enamel. This decor does not require any special skills, and the result will exceed all expectations.

12. Wooden slats

Wall decor with wooden slats.

Accent wall is a fashionable technique that allows you to refresh the repair without resorting to large-scale repair. For example, you can decorate one of the walls of a bedroom or living room with wooden slats glued to a wall prepared in advance.

13. Movie stencil

A device to simulate tiles.

Roller stencil is another device that can create an imitation of tiles on fresh concrete or putty. Such a device will allow to improve the garden paths and the facades of summer houses at no extra cost.

14. Unique pattern

Stencil for drawing.

The original painting will help to decorate monophonic walls. The benefit of modern devices allow you to do this even to people without any artistic skills. You just need to get a special roller stencil with three-dimensional patterns and buy paint, the desired shade.

15. Stamp for tiles

Stamp to imitate tiles.

Renovation of the facade of a country house is a very expensive business. Save on the purchase of a special tile or stone for the decoration of the facade will help a special stamp. With it, ordinary concrete or plaster will turn into an imitation of tile or stone.

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