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17 excellent ideas that will add chic to the interior of the bathroom without compromising the family budget


Perhaps everyone faced a problem when they wanted to change something, and there was no money for expensive repairs. But you can approach the matter is not so radical. Transform the room will help the elements of decor.

For example, a bathroom. It would seem as possible to transform it. However, we have collected 17 excellent ideas that will help add chic to the bathroom interior without spending a fortune.

1. Soap dish

Handmade soap dish.

Even the smallest detail can have a beneficial effect on the interior of the bathroom. For example, a soap dish made of a small ceramic stand for a flowerpot and river pebbles will be a practical and beautiful piece of a bathroom. This soap dish will bring an interior note of harmony with nature and will remind you of summer days for a long time.

2. Containers

Containers for cotton pads.

Buy a few of the same type of glass or plastic containers and use them to store cotton pads, ear sticks, washcloths and bath salts. Of course, you have to spend it, but beautiful containers look much better than plastic and cardboard packages.

3. Order

The order in the locker.

Get organized in the locker. If it has no shelves, use wicker baskets, hooks and cheap wire shelves that can be purchased at a hardware store. Following this advice, you not only streamline the contents of the locker, but also significantly increase its capabilities.

4. Natural Flavor

Eucalyptus twigs.

Decorate the shower head with eucalyptus branches. They will not only refresh the interior, but will also fill the bathroom with a magical aroma every time drops of hot water fall on them.

5. Shelves

Shelves of wooden boxes.

Even with minimal cost, you can cool renew the interior, most importantly, turn on the imagination and approach the work with the soul. For example, to make wonderful shelves from wooden boxes painted in suitable shades.

6. Ladder

Dryer from the stairs.

A stylish towel and underwear dryer that can be made from ordinary wooden stairs. In a spacious bathroom, such a dryer can be simply leaned against a wall, and in a small one - placed behind a washing machine, near a sink or behind a toilet.

7. Mirror frame

Wooden frame for the mirror.

Mirrors in cheap plastic frames, which are often sold with shelves, look cheap and shabby. Replace such a frame with a massive wooden one and you will be surprised how much the space will change.

8. Semicircular eaves

Semicircular eaves for a bath.

Semicircular eaves - an interesting alternative to the usual. This technique will visually increase the area of ​​the bath or shower and make the space more interesting.

9. Rotating stand

Revolving stand for gels and bath products.

In one of the lockers, you can place a rotating stand, which makes it easy to get the right tool.

10. Cranes

Painting cranes.

Upgrade plumbing with a neat paint taps and faucets with special paint. Such a transformation will not require large capital investments and special skills, and the result will exceed all expectations.

11. Carpet

Wooden bath mat.

The teakwood mat will be a great alternative to cheap rubber and textile mats. Such a product will last much longer, give a pleasant feeling to the legs, and its appearance will be pleasing to the eye.

12. Bright lockers

Bright painting lockers.

Do not rush to throw shabby lockers. Try to transform them with a neat painting. For this, the cabinets need to be disassembled, cleaned as much as possible from the old coating and carefully painted in the desired color. In addition, to refresh the lockers will help new accessories, painting and decoupage. All these techniques will not only update the furniture, but also turn them into exclusive design objects.

13. Shelves

Wooden shelves.

Shelves from a wooden bar look very stylish and elegant. Shelves of this type will fit into any interior and become its functional detail.

14. Towel storage

Careful storage of towels.

Towels twisted in this way take up much less space and look very cute. Neat terry rolls can be folded on the shelves or in a wicker basket so they will become not only a functional element of the bathroom, but also its decoration.

15. Clean tiles

Clean tiles and seams.

Even the best design repair can ruin dirty seams and stained tiles. Therefore, do not forget to regularly clean these surfaces with special chemical or folk remedies.

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16. Bath screen

Stylish shower curtain.

Pay attention to more elegant models of shower curtains. A long curtain of beautiful color, decorated with a pick-up or a ribbon, will become a real highlight of the bathroom.

17. Decoupage bathroom

Decoupage cast iron bath.

Is there still an old cast-iron bath in your bathroom, the appearance of which leaves much to be desired? Dont be upset. Having mastered the basics of the decoupage technique, you can turn this non-pictorial object into a real work of art.

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